Color Duets - Secretary with EphemeraAntique Secretary

This antique secretary usually can be found in the Log House at Nepenthe where both Erin and Kaffe spent their early years.

On top is a still life painting by Kaffe.

The selves contain oil studies by Erin. Below is a stack of her sketchbooks, mostly from annual painting excursions to Italy.

The desktop includes postcard correspondences between Kaffe and Erin, as well as some dominoes from BIll Fassett’s collection.

Color Duets - Early CarmelEarly Carmel – Jane Gallatin & Frank Powers

This group of photos and paintings are lifted from Carmel’s early years. Before there was Carmel-by-the-Sea, there was the Carmel Development Company. Jane Gallatin Powers, along with her husband Frank Powers (Kaffe’s great-grand-parents), founded the company, named the streets, and began the successful development of the town, with partner, Frank Devendorf.

Jane Gallatin Powers studied painting in San Francisco, and had the first art studio in Carmel in 1903.

These images include –

Frank Powers holding granddaughter, Madeline (Lolly) Ulman in front of the family home The Dunes located near what is now the Carmel Gate on San Antonio, entering Pebble Beach.

A group of painters on Carmel Beach during the 1914 Painting School with teacher, William Merritt Chase organized by Jane Gallatin Powers.

Portrait of Jane Gallatin Powers with her youngest, a son, Gallatin. Gallatin grew up to become a local restaurateur, first opening Gallatin’s Grub and Grog at Bixby Bridge in the 1940’s, and later Gallatins at the old Stoke’s Adobe in Monterey.

The Powers family photographed in front of Jane’s studio next door to The Dunes on San Antonio in Carmel.

Two paintings by Jane Gallatin Powers – Haystacks in Carmel Valley and Carmel Valley Barn.

The Dunes by Jane Gallatin Powers – a painting of their home in Carmel, circa 1910.

A photograph of The Dunes surrounded by a stand of eucalyptus trees. Looking closely to the left, Frank Powers can be seen in the same campaign hat that rests near his shoulder in the photo on the left, indicating these two photos were taken on the same day.



Jane Gallatin Powers and Lolly in EuropeJane Gallatin Powers in Europe

In 1920, Frank Powers died. Soon after Jane Gallatin Powers moved to Europe with three of her four children (Madeline Sr., mother of Madeline (Lolly) Ulman stayed behind as she was raising a family.


Jane studied Modernist painting and pursued her art very seriously. When Lolly turned 18 she came to live with her grandmother in Europe for six years. These years became inspirational in later years when Lolly founded Nepenthe restaurant in Big Sur.

These photos include –

Andre L’hote’s painting class in Montmartre. Jane Gallatin Powers is pictured far left in the second row.

Madeline (Lolly) Ulman having a cool dip in bucket on the isle of Capri.

Madeline (Lolly) Ulman sits in a cafe in the Piazzetta on the isle of Capri.

Jane Gallatin Powers with parasol touring the ruins of a Greek Theater in Taormina in Sicily.

Madeline (Lolly) Ulman by Jane Gallatin PowersPortrait of Lolly by Jane Gallatin Powers

During Lolly’s years with Jane Gallatin Powers she acted as a traveling companion as well as a painting model. Here is a portrait of Lolly by Jane in an evening gown, standing before a tapestry.

The Founding of NepentheFounding of Nepenthe

Madeline (Lolly) Ulman returned to California in 1935. She met and married Bill Fassett becoming Madeline Fassett, but known always as Lolly.

In 1947, Bill and Lolly Fassett purchased a piece of land 28 miles south of Carmel. They moved their with their five children (second oldest was Frank (Kaffe) Fassett) and built Nepenthe Restaurant.

These photos from Nepenthe’s early days include –

Lolly laying the hand-made adobe bricks that make up Nepenthe’s outdoor fireplace.

Poet reading at Nepenthe’s indoor fireplace, opening day, April 25, 1949

Bill and Lolly Fassett sit on Nepenthe’s front deck circa 1950, surrounded by their children, Holly, Dorcas, Frank (Kaffe), Kim (on Lolly’s knee) and Griff.

Bill and Lolly Fassett under one of the oak trees on Nepenthe’s property circa 1965. Includes; Cap (on Bill’s shoulders), Kim (carrying daughter Romney), Holly (holding daughter Erin), Kaffe (with Kirk on his shoulders), and Dorcas.

Chaco stands by Nepenthe’s outdoor fireplace.

Too Tall Paul gives a ride to kids in the family, Romney, Kirk, Cap & Erin.

Lolly sits on her oversized couch, knitting.