Programs – Dates to be Announced

All programs will be presented online and/or streaming, with in-person events scheduled as COVID protocols allow.

Slideshow & Talk

May, 2021

Kaffe Fasssett and Erin Lee Gafill discuss their respective careers,
and how they return to the easel together each May.

Painting in Situ

May, 2021

Kaffe Fassett & Erin Lee Gafill will paint a still life together in the museum.
The tableau and resulting work will be a center piece of the exhibition.

Kaffe Fassett, Erin Lee Gafill

Gallery Walk with the Artists

May, 2021

Kaffe & Erin will tour the show, giving background on their creative processes and their shared history.

Family Creativity Workshops

June-August, 2021

Erin Lee Gafill will lead a series of creativity workshops meant to bring
families together…even when we are apart.

Make and Mend

June-August, 2021

Jaki Canterbury of Slow Fiber in Monterey will join Erin for online get togethers
where stitchers and other creative people can find a place to make together.

Collective Mending Sessions

September-October, 2021

The Collective Mending Sessions is a series of socially engaged workshops
centering on collaboratively mending a quilt. Led by artist Catherine Reinhart.